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Our Services are very cost effective and we are a customer focused result oriented company. We provide service to clients in Europe and Africa but available to dicuss with new clients outside our usual coverage.


We offer the following services:


Security Audit

At ThreatArrest, we provide information assurance services to our clients by conducting an independent audit of their information processing systems including processes,designs, techniques and configuration settings that are applied to their asset protection and compromise detection mechanisms. We audit against specified frameworks including ISO 27001, Cyber Security Essentials, PCI DSS or any other information securoty framework.


Gap Assessment

Our gap  assessment services are tailored towards identified gaps in compliance and regulatory requirements including that for PCI DSS, ISO27001, SANS Critical Controls, Privacy laws and Enterprise specified policies. Recommendations and treatment plans are developed after our gap assessment to close or reduce identified gaps in compliance.


PCI DSS consultancy

PCI DSS stands for payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Businesses and organisations that process, transmit or store payment card data (issued by the payment card brands including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB and Discovery) are subject to this standard. It was set up to protect payment cards.


We provide hand holding services for our various clients as they work their way towards compliance to PCI DSS. Ourc consultancy services include scope reduction, Card  Data Environment (CDE) segmentation, gap assessment, payment card data permeation map, firewall audit, network designs, key management solutions, cinsultancy for log monitoring, file integrity and more. We are able to support companies at the lower compliance level help them move from chaos to complianceand improved security.


Risk assessment

Information Security is all about risk. We help our clients identify their critical assets, threats and vulnerabilities that are likely to reduce their secure state and develop a risk management program to help them reduce information security risks to acceptable levels.


Security Testing

Our security testing services help to assure our clients that their information systems are operating at an acceptable secure state. Our testing services include Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. On completeion of the tests and assessment our we report the findings and work with the client to fix critical and high security issues identified.


SANS Critical Controls

We always recommend that our clients align themselves to the SANS 20 critical controls to prevent, detect and contain data loss. Our consultants are available to provide consultancy on how to implement these controls. We also provide validation services for these controls.


Threat Intelligence

In today's cyber security war zone, It is difficult to achieve optimum preventative and detective security without incorporating threat intelligence. We work with several vendors to provide threat intelligence for our clients to feed into their existing security information and event management tools.


Security Awareness

Humans are the weakest points. The adversaries know this and have leveraged this over the years. This is why our main aim is to educate and create security awareness for our client employees and business partners. We have several security training and awareness services that we can deliver in house at your premises or on demand.


Data Classification

We are experienced in helping clients identify their critical assests and develop a data classification program to aid in achieving a risk based proportionate security.


Security Architecture

Our Security Architecture team are skilled and experienced in helping you to establish an end to end conceptual security design based on industry best practices and patterns. Services supported included authentication, Identity management, PKI, Cloud services, monitoring, e-Commerce, and all area of security design.


Protective Monitoring

We provide consultation on how to implement protective and continuous  monitoring including planning, implementation and support.


Threat Management

ThreatArrest is available to provide consultancy to help our clients reduce exposure to threats, reduce the impact of threat using robust risk management approach and prevent re-introduction of weaknesses that reduce the security state of their information systems.


ISO 27001 consultancy

The ISO 27001 standard defines guidelines for establishment and maintaining of  Information Security Management Systems. We provide consultancy on ISO 27001 including gap assessment, pre-audit services, and control implementation to achieve complaince or align to the standard. We also provide in house and online ISO 27001 training for our clients executives and staff.


Incidence Response

We work with different vendors to provide state of teh art incidence response for our clients. We also support their incident management rogram from planning to organising tests to support the validity of the incident response program.


Digital Forensics

ThreatArrest provide digital forensic services including memory forensics, malware tracking, data exfilteration forensics, and other forensic investigations to aid organizations in fact finding, incidence response and remediation intelligence.


Security Consultancy

In addition to all of the above, we provide security consultancy for all forms of information security assurance requirements. Please contact us with your requirment and we will provide a service tailored to your need.


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